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Period Auditions (First Round & Second Round) have been held between every January to February since 2012.
Disciplines String Quartet (2012), Piano Trio (2013), Wind Quintet (2014), Brass Quintet (2015)
String Quartet (2016), Piano Trio (2017), Wind Quintet (2018), Brass Quintet (2019)
String Quartet (2020)

Sponsorship - Artsylvia Prize (Grand Prize)
Cash prizes of 15,000,000 Korean won (Piano Trio)
Cash prizes of 20,000,000 Korean won (String Quartet, Wind Quintet, Brass Quintet)
ㆍWinners' concert and other concert engagements in consultation with the respective prize winners for 2 years
ㆍParticipation in Seoul Spring Chamber Music Festival

- Special Prize
ㆍCash prizes of 7,000,000 Korean won
ㆍAudition opportunities for a string quartet/piano trio for Toronto Chamber Music Institute

- Young Sylvia Prize (Granted to an oustanding ensemble with participants less than 26 years old or undergraduate students)
ㆍCash prizes of 5,000,000 Korean won
ㆍAudition opportunities for string musicians for Ozawa International Chamber Music Academy Okushiga
Eligibility The combined ages of the ensemble must not exceed age limit as mentioned below.

ㆍString Quartet (160 years)
ㆍPiano Trio (120 years)
ㆍWind Quintet (200 years)
ㆍBrass Quintet (200 years)
Procedures Three stages including Preliminary round (Audio) and two live audition rounds.
Important Notice ㆍApplication Form and other required documents can be downloaded at
ㆍAll documents including Recordings (should be made as or converted to a MP3 or Wave file) should be submitted via e-mail (
ㆍPreliminary Audition Round will be progressed with the recordings, those ensembles who won any international chamber music competitions that are registered on World Federation of International Music Competitions or other matching organizations will be exempted from the Preliminary Round.
ㆍApplicants who are selected for the Final Round are eligible to apply for International Travel Expense Reimbursement, which will be provided to those studying abroad or currently engaged in long-term performing activities outside Korea. The reimbersement is first-come, first-served basis.
ㆍRegistrations in person or telephone sign-ups are not available. Any inquiries regarding registration and Audition process will be answered via e-mail (

* The 9th Artsylvia Chamber Music Audition: Application Form, Rules, and Regulations 2020 (Download)